ice has stolen my week from me (nuclearfootball) wrote in stuffonmywilson,
ice has stolen my week from me


You know, like Concentration. Like this.

If you wanna play download this and unzip it, then click "DCTiles" to play. Whee!

You can adjust the size of the tiles and the board; every time you start a new game you'll get different pics, but it does often repeat them on the same board so don't be surprised if that happens. And if the sounds annoy you just delete the "sounds" folder and it'll be silent.

I used this program; see the "readme" file in your unzipped folder to learn how to make your own if you so wish. I've always loved memory games like this so I get a kick out of it. *shrug*

If this one gets much of a reception I'll make one with just Wilson's ties....That seems like a pretty good subject. So uh let me know if you download it.
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